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Copy Bao珀布拉苏斯Series 4277-3446-55B watches [10f4] - $211.00 : TITLE, SITE_TA
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Copy Bao珀布拉苏斯Series 4277-3446-55B watches [10f4] - $211.00 : TITLE, SITE_TA

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Copy Bao珀布拉苏斯Series 4277-3446-55B watches [10f4] - $211.00 : TITLE, SITE_TAGLINE
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Copy Bao珀布拉苏斯Series 4277-3446-55B watches [10f4]
[url=][img][/img]Copy Bao珀布拉苏斯Series 4277-3446-55B watches [10f4][/url]
Copy Bao珀布拉苏斯Series 4277-3446-55B watches [10f4]
$149,534.00  $211.00Save: 100% off
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        [b]Basic Information[/b]
[b]Series:[/b]Brad Sousse
[b]Style:[/b]Automatic mechanical , 42 mm , Men[b]Material:[/b]950 Platinum
[b]Price[/b]Provide accurate prices,
¥ 712,000
$ 83,700
[b]HK :[/b]
Price is the official media, the public price is for reference only , please go to your local store to discuss the transaction price .
[b]Produced Manufacturer:[/b]No
[b]Based movement :[/b]No
[b]Movement Type:[/b]No
[b]Diameter:[/b]42 mm
[b]Case Thickness :[/b]13.5 mm
[b]Case material:[/b]950 Platinum
[b]Color of the dial :[/b]Brown
[b]Shape of the dial :[/b]Round
[b]Watches Mirror Material :[/b]Sapphire crystal glass
[b]Crown Material:[/b]950 Platinum
[b]Strap Color:[/b]Brown
[b]Clasp type:[/b]Folding clasp
[b]Clasp material:[/b]950 Platinum
[b]Back through :[/b]Back through
[b]Water depth:[/b]100 m
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Brand Profile
Began in 1735
Chinese Name: Blancpain
Name : Blancpain
Founder : Jehan-Jacques Blancpain
Country: Switzerland
Affiliations : Swatch Group
Founded: 1735
Blancpain Blancpain Overview
Blancpain Blancpain - currently ... More >>
Blancpain Brands
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