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Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.

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Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A.

Public, S.p.A.
Traded as BIT: SFER
Industry Fashion
Founded Florence, Italy (1928)
Founder Salvatore Ferragamo
Headquarters Florence, Italy

Area served

Key people
Ferruccio Ferragamo (Chairman)

Eraldo Poletto (CEO)
Products Shoes, leather goods, clothing
Revenue €1,438 million (2016)

Operating income
  â‚¬261 million (2016)
Profit €198 million (2016)
Owner Ferragamo family

Number of employees

Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A. [salvaˈtoːre ferraˈɡaːmo] is an Italian luxury goods company, with headquarters in Florence, specializing in shoes,[2] leather goods, and ready-to-wear for men and women. It is the parent company of the Ferragamo Group. The company licences eyewear and watches.

With about 4,000 employees and a network of over 660 mono-brand stores, the Ferragamo Group runs operations in Italy and worldwide, which provide the brand with a broad footprint in Europe, America and Asia.


  • 1 History

  • 2 Innovations

  • 3 Clients

  • 4 Officers and management

  • 5 See also

  • 6 Notes and references

  • 7 External links


Palazzo Spini Feroni: The headquarters of Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A. in Florence.

Salvatore Ferragamo emigrated from southern Italy to Boston and then California in 1914. He opened the Hollywood Boot Shop in 1923, and made shoes[2] for movie stars such as Joan Crawford and Gloria Swanson, as well as for films such as Cecil B. DeMille's The Ten Commandments.[3] He returned to Italy and set up a shoe shop in Florence in 1927.[4] However, the modern shoemaking company regards 1928 as the date of its foundation and so celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2008.[3] Salvatore filed for bankruptcy in 1933,[citation needed] during

02-02-2018 08:22 AM
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