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Greatly surprised and pleasant to be invited by Longines for the presentation of a new quartz movement which symbolized the return of their very high Precision (“VHP”Wink replica watches. It is crucial significant to the brand that Longines desired to move ahead of the Baselworld 2017 rush. I just guess, therefore, that this is going to play a crucial role in the future strategy of the company. The love story of Longines with quartz movements is a long one, so let us review it soon and see where the new Longines Conquest VHP Very High Precision watches are originated from.
The 1954 Chronocinergies was a pioneering instrument which enabled to create a film out of a series of prints at the speed of 1/100th of a second, which is a determining factor at the finish line of a race. It was controlled by replica Longines first quartz movement, which would then set a series of proper records measured at the Neuchatel Observatory.
Quartz watches are sophisticated machines for watchmaking fatories, generally speaking, it would be easier to produce, and also easier and cheaper to preserve – but for the most part, users just need to alter the battery every deveral years or so – and can offer complicates at a price no mechanical watch could dream of. The downside is that they are just “battery-operated” watches with little or no real distinction in the eye of the common folk and are almost taboo for some mechanical watch purists. So, when a traditional watch company also start with the production of quartz movements, it requires something that will distinct it from the tens of thousands of cheap quartz watches flooding the market. High precision is surely a special character that can appeal to those buyers ready to purchase more for a better-built and better-performing watch.
But was it essential to go that far with precision? Was it a real requirement of the market? You know, the origin of the Longines Conquest VHP goes back to 2015 and the advent of the smart watch, which got Longines thinking how to face this new competition. They came to the conclusion that they had no choice but insist on what they do best, which is making traditional watches. But since something as traditional and as swiss as precision had been stolen away and bragged about by the smart replica watches (and previously by smart phones), Longines made up his mind that they would provide the most precise non-connected watch in the world. As it happened, ETA had already been playing with that idea, so they all sat down and started defining the project and deciding what other things the watch should offer as well.
Longines   Longines
The GPD system is another important feature, which represents Gear Position Detection. The movement is always remembering the position of the hands so that while the watch goes through a hit or an impact (typically the 1-meter fall from a wrist) it has the ability to reset and resist the hands to the position they were in before the accident, and keeps well. The caliber also has two sensors that discovered magnetic fields, so if the watch enters one, it immediately stops the hands and, when the danger is over, just put it in the position they should be.
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Oak and Oscar Jackson Tweet Oak and Oscar JacksonPrevious ArticleCool And Affordable Vintage Watches – Budget Moon Phase WatchesNext ArticleFirst Richard Mille Boutique in London Robert-Jan BroerRobert-Jan Broer, born in 1977, watch collector and author on watches for over a decade. Founder of Fratello Watches in 2004.      Corsac Would it make sense to include a “picture” column?  Robert-Jan Broer Hello,I guess it would, but the issue is that we have a limited column width on our blog so it won’t fit. I will see if I can make the reference numbers in the column click-able and link to articles we did on the mentioned reference numbers. In the meanwhile you can also use our search box to look-up the different models or click Speedy Tuesday in the menu and go from there.RJ  Kyle Nice article. A picture beside each model in the table would be even more helpful.  Julian Gaining knowledge about watches is relatively straightforward. Although, the only way of finding out about the watchmaking process is more of a challenge as this requires speaking with people in the industry. Another area that’s difficult to navigate is the valuation of timepieces.The start of a price/valuation list is very much appreciated as it is an area that most private buyers are at a disadvantage when negotiating a purchase of a secondhand/vintage timepiece.For instance, I’m about to purchase a moonphase 3689.30.31 with a leather and a stainless steel speedmaster bracelet. What valuation would you put on this purchase?  Morten What about cal: 3692.30?  Johnno prices seem low – obviously not up to date?  Fratello Watches Hi @Johnno,This article was written in 2014 as you can see above. There haven’t been updates since on this price table. We will get onto it soon.FW  bryanmanio Looking forward to it! Also interesting in seeing the 3572.50 on that list if you were planning on it.

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